Paul Lucas - Student Ministry Apprentice 2015-2016 





I first met Pastor Greg as a 17 year old. Growing up in Grey County I got to know him through running into him at different youth events. After graduating High School I went to Briercrest College in Saskatchewan. It was there that I met my wife, Payge, and I began to quickly realize that God had a calling on my life to do ministry. I began volunteering at the local youth centre, as well as doing part time work at a Moose Jaw Youth Group. After interning at the youth centre and asking the pretty receptionist (Payge) to marry me, we moved to Thornbury to take positions in youth and children’s pastoral ministry. We saw God doing great things through this time, but unfortunately due to financial issues we were laid off. We were unsure of our next step, but we were praying to God to guide us, and at Mud Volleyball I once again ran into Pastor Greg Mussleman. He gave me some ideas for churches to apply to, and he also mentioned his apprentice program. At the time both of us didn’t even consider me applying, but then after God had closed many doors we were looking to, I was reminded of the position Pastor Greg was offering. I applied on the last day it was available, and I was sure that they would have already filled the position. To my shock, in one month I was starting as the Student Ministries Apprentice.





When I first started this roll, it was clear that God had lead me here, but myself and Pastor Greg were not quite sure why. This position generally went to those seeking to affirm a calling in ministry, but I had already had a full time roll in ministry. As we began to work together, the Holy Spirit revealed that God had placed me at OSAC to refine me and prepare me for my career in ministry. Through this year I have learned so much about myself and about ministry. One of the main points I’ve learned this year is the importance of discipleship focused youth ministry. By having members of the church take on youth and commit to one-on-one discipleship, I have seen God do amazing things through the church and through the youth. It is amazing how being a disciple not only forms the people you are discipling, but also yourself. It is amazing how God works when we commit to being the church and making disciples. God has also taught me much about learning to rely on his strength instead of my own, and I have learned that my ministry is far more effective when, as Pastor Kendall said, I turn on the engine.





I am leaving you, but I’m not far away! I have taken a position at my home church, Gentle Shepherd Community Church in Flesherton, as the Family Ministries Pastor. This roll includes oversight of children, youth, and family ministries. Much of this job is volunteer organizing and leadership developing, and it is amazing how God had placed me under the guidance of Pastor Greg, who taught me so much about discipleship and leadership development. I am also working away at my schooling, and we are staying in our little town of Markdale. We will not be far away, and I’m sure we will see many of you around! This position has been an amazing blessing to us, and we are so thankful for our time at Owen Sound Alliance Church




Quinn Friesen - Student Ministry Apprentice 2014-2015 



HOW DID I GET HERE?  I started my life in ministry almost immediately after I became a Christian. I gave my life to Jesus while volunteering at a summer camp in Alberta. It was at the camp that I sensed God leading me into the ministry. When I gave Him my life and decided to follow Him, I really had nothing else going for me, so I decided to follow Him with everything and leave my old life behind. It was at this time that God began stirring my heart for the nation of Canada. I still don't know what this means exactly, but as time goes on I am starting to get a better idea. After my time at camp I ended up with YWAM, even though I sensed a call to Canada. I ended up all over the world. I lived in Mexico for 2 years, Vancouver for a year, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, and a few others. It was during my second stint in Mexico that I was really reminded of what God had placed in my heart about Canada. By chance I stumbled upon a job posting Greg had put online. I applied, thinking nothing would come from it; therefore I was brutally honest about myself on the application. I decided that the only way I was going to take this job was if God made it happen, and he did. My season in international missions ended, or at least was put on hold, and I was on my way from Mexico to Owen Sound.



I automatically assumed that when I moved back to Canada it would feel normal, that I could put my cultural chameleon attitude behind me and be at rest in the culture I grew up in. This was not the case. Owen Sound is totally different from Calgary. The contrasts between Eastern and Western Canada are noticeable. People say we are more "American" out west. Maybe it's true. It took me awhile to get used to the accents out here. It took me awhile to get used to everything starting 15 minutes late. All this said, I also found a warm and welcoming home. People in Owen Sound and the people in our church are friendly. You don't have random conversations at the grocery store where I come from. Owen Sound is beautiful and it felt like home right from the start.



I have learned many valuable life lessons being in Owen Sound and being part of OSAC. As I said earlier, this has not been the easiest season of my life. Owen Sound can be a lonely place for a young single man. There really is not a lot going on here for someone in my situation and my age. The struggle is that there isn't a lot of opportunity in Owen Sound so many young people leave. I have had to learn to rely on God for my strength and press into Him in some of these lonely times. I have also learned so much about how a church works, how a ministry works, and how to choose my words carefully. I have learned how to plan a series, how to yell loud enough so that 70 screaming preteens can hear me, but most of all I have learned that God has everything under control. I need to put my trust in Him, and follow Him, and obey Him, no matter what.



I swore I would never go to bible school, not because I don't like the idea of it, but because it costs a small fortune. But, over my year here at OSAC I have realizedthat if working within a church context is something I really want to do, then I need to jump through some of the hoops and get my degree. I am not looking forward to debt, but I am looking forward to spending the next 2 years working towards a Bachelors degree and then hopefully heading to a church that I can put roots down in. That being said, I also need finances and my other part time job as a school bus driver stops in the summer. I have accepted a job as a Staff Director at a summer camp in Prince Edward County starting June 21. It will be hard to say goodbye, but I am excited for the fture for both myself and OSAC. God is working!